Wednesday, May 4

james p.

James P. | Server/Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 5
Like many in the service industry, James has moved around to a lot of different restaurants. He started out on the corporate side and chose places where his friends worked, but after he experienced what is was like to work for independently-owned restaurants, he doesn't think he'll ever go back. "Small businesses are outstanding and that's where people are going. The owner (of Thomas) is back in the kitchen cooking food right now." James says you can make a lot of money serving, but the serving lifestyle and the quick infusions of cash also makes you spend a lot of money.

James is a science-fiction nerd and screenplay writer. In regards to sci-fi he says, "If I'm not writing, I'm watching it." He's currently working on three different screenplays. His favorites are Dr. Who and the Dune series which is "all about ecology, it's very interesting."

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Anonymous said...

James is a great server! I will never forget the day my daughter brought a stick into the restaurant he was working at in brookside and he started teaching her Harry Potter spells!