Monday, May 30

crawfish boil - part 1

Starker's chef John McClure held his annual crawfish boil yesterday and it was co-hosted by Dan Doty of Westport Café and Bar. Roughly 300 guests attended this blowout party, most of whom are in the service industry. We started out with pulled pork sandwiches and seafood gumbo soup. An eight-foot table in the backyard was loaded down with crawfish while a table inside was filled with amazing salads, dessert and one very delicious gazpacho soup. Boulevard beer and rosés flowed non-stop during this 12-hour party that started at 3:30 in the afternoon and went well into the wee hours of the morning. Aaron Confessori of Westport Café & Bar lives on the same street, he hosted a "satellite party" in the driveway of his home to help with the overflow from John's place. The entire street was alive with music, people and great food and drink. Thank you John and Dan for a really great party! And thanks(?) to Aaron who cracked open the whiskey, we are all a little worse for the wear this morning. Party pics coming up soon in Part 2. Happy Memorial Day! Photos by Linh Trieu & Craig Rohner