Tuesday, May 3

Restaurant Roadie

Kansas City, Missouri
As soon as Port Fonda started accepting reservations for their sole six-top table, we immediately e-mailed chef Patrick Ryan for our chance to sit and eat in his converted Airstream trailer. Being a smidge neurotic, I contacted him three more times to absolutely confirm we were for sure getting in. The vintage-y/retro set table glowed invitingly from the parking lot of The Rieger Hotel. There was a steady stream of visitors stopping by to congratulate the chef and just to gawk as we most certainly would have, including chef Howard Hanna (The Rieger), chef Brian Aaron (Tannin) and several service industry veterans. The four-course prix fixe meal was delightful, especially the insanely yummy pork belly tacos. Our Port Fonda night was hands down one of the most fun and memorable dining experiences any of us have ever had. Thank you Port Fonda and we hope to come back and see you soon!
We found out about open reservations on facebook. Click here to get to their page.
Or you can email Chef Patrick directly for reservations (patrick@portfondakc.com).


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

that is SO stinking cool. It's like a food cart, only classier!

Anonymous said...

bad-ass food cart