Thursday, October 13

blair h.

Blair H. | Marketing Manager
Years of Industry Service: 4.5
When Blair graduated with her degree in communications, in no way, shape or form did she ever think she was going to end up in the service industry. But never say never, especially when there's alcohol involved. She was drinking at The Gaf after a charity fundraiser, there was a now hiring sign up and some joking about applying for the job. A manager, however, happened to walk by and overhear their conversation. An immediate interview occurred and she started less than a week later. "It was a drunk accident," Blair said. "I was scared of it (serving) but I was there for four years and ended up semi-managing the place."

Blair met Jarrod, who is now her fiancé, during her time at The Gaf; he was conveniently working next door at Swizzle. At first, they tried to keep their relationship under wraps lest all the gossiping started. But one day, they were sitting at the bar and started making out. No one blinked, no one said a word....because everyone already knew what those two were up to. That's how the service industry is. Absolutely no secrets.

Just this summer, Jarrod called Blair's parents to ask for her hand in marriage. He planned a Napa trip and during a winery tour at Von Strasser, he got down on one knee and proposed. His family was there to witness, her family knew and all the people on the tour knew as well. "It was perfect," she said. "But it happened so fast, it's like a dream." They plan on getting married next year, but have not set a date yet. 

Currently, they're living in sin and working at making their house into a home. She goes antiquing, reads a lot, plays tennis and runs to alleviate the stress in her life. Blair moved to Kansas City in 2003 to attend the University of Missouri Kansas City. She's originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, a small town about an hour outside of KC where smoking is still legal inside  public buildings. Blair loves St. Jo; it's home and to her, it's still awesome.

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Foodieworld said...

My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jarrod at different venues. Thanks for the lovely post on his soon to be better half!