Tuesday, October 11

mike s.

Mike S. | Coffee Smasher
Years of Industry Service: Oops, forgot to ask.
Mike is a total newbie to Kansas City, he's been here for less than a month and at the time we talked, it was a mere two weeks. Originally from North Carolina, he was "romanced" into moving to Kansas City by his brother-in-law and Oddly Correct owner, Gregory Kolsto (who you'll meet soon). After his third or fourth visit, he was convinced that Kansas City would be a good lover. Mike discovered local restaurants like Rm 39 and Kitty's Cafe, fell in love with the Western Auto building, and poured coffee at a Maifest event where he saw beer being siphoned through coffee. "It was cool to see people come together and enjoy the quality of coffee, the quality of beer and to geek out," he says.

Through the years, Mike has kind of moved through what he wanted to do. He's been a barista, a roaster and most recently, he was a brand manager, babysitting 30-40 employees. But, "I wasn't living a lifestyle that was sustainable to my life and family." Mike likes learning and says he is really good at finding a new hobby and totally investing in it for a couple of months, like woodworking. He also plays the drums and enjoys spending time with his wife, which may be evident since the two have a little bun warming in the oven.

Mike says you can find anything to fit the things you left behind. All your favorite places can be filled with new favorites, but the people you leave, that's harder. "We miss the people," he says. "We'll always go back (to North Carolina) because of that." For now, he says it's more of a joy to discover new things in Kansas City. "It'll be a beautiful, new challenge."

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Derek Olsen said...

Kansas City loves you Mike. Thanks for stopping by.