Friday, October 14

Happy Birthday Nara!

Kansas City, Missouri
Nara is celebrating five years tomorrow and we want to blow them a big kiss and wish them a happy, happy birthday! Of course, they're throwing a big party to celebrate. You should stop by and high five Casey, Anita, Koji, Diego and the rest of the gang. Five years in the restaurant business is a big deal. They also got a fancy, new facebook page that you can just "like" and not have to be invited to join. Good move, guys.

3:00 pm  M80s in the parking lot.
6:30 pm  Three Trails Taiko, Japanese Drum Performance.
9:00 pm  Body Sushi.
Plus live geisha models and loads of $5 food and drink specials.

Sounds like a blast....hopefully, we can stop by for some salmon sashimi and sake tomorrow
and party till the wee hours in the morning with you.

I also want to take a second to thank Casey for his generous support of all my fundraisers in the past. Like many restaurants, he gets asked for donations all the time so it's hard to pick and choose who you can help. Casey and the Nara staff always bring amazing sushi to our events and we very much appreciate his generosity and the professionalism and hard work of his staff. Mmwah!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nara! The party today will be great! 5 years - wow!!