Monday, October 3

middle creek winery

Louisburg, Kansas
Once or twice a year, although we'd like to do it more often, my neighbor and very good friend Katrin invites us out to her parents' farm and winery out in the middle of nowhere Kansas to help harvest grapes. Over the years, we've been blessed with gorgeous weather while we pick; Kristin and Stephen (who you will meet tomorrow on the blog) are wonderful hosts who supply us with loads of wine and then feed us afterwards. The insanely hot weather this summer was not kind to the grapes so we had an extra step in harvesting this year, brushing off all the dried up yucky grapes. Our large group made quick work of the smaller than usual harvest and it really was so much fun, it did not feel like work at all! Thank you Middle Creek Winery for having us out and we will be back to see you again soon.