Thursday, October 6

Peek Into Pryde's

Kansas City, Missouri » Westport
Pryde's is hands-down, the most well-stocked kitchen and gift shop you will ever set foot in. Whether your tastes run for all-white ceramics or rainbow-colored Fiesta ware, whether you need just one thing or dozens for a dinner party, they will most likely have you covered. It's actually kind of hard to photograph a shop like this because your eye doesn't know where to focus. There's not one big thing that's amazing, but rather piles and rooms full of wonderful.

Every time I need cheesecloth, I run to Pryde's because it's not stocked at most grocery stores. I need to remember to stop by more often for gifts. During our visit, I saw an adorable whale sugar and creamer set, their vast collection of wooden spoons and the entire line of Grinders hot sauces, which I didn't even know Grinders did hot sauces! They've got a great specialty foods and candle selection too.

Even though this shop is probably more woman-focused, guys need kitchen stuff too. I am speaking directly to my bachelor buddy who moved into his loft several months ago, invited us over for dinner and asked us to bring a cutting board and knife. I won't go so far as to name names, but I think you need to get yourself down to Pryde's right now and stock up.


David said...

and they give a nice discount to service industry folks. Which I found out the other day when I also went in for cheesecloth.

Unknown said...

Next to my family, Pryde's is the thing I miss most in Kansas City. You all are amazing and the store looks fantastic! I wish I could transport you all to Portland.