Tuesday, October 18

Congrats Brenda!

August Employee of the Month
We have another lady taking home the prize this month, Brenda of Chop Tops! Her friends and fans really rallied during the last two days to bring her 48% of the votes. Brian from Kennedy's was really close behind her though. We have more booze for this month's EOM, a four pack of big beers and pint glasses from Stone Brewing Company! I'm reminding them to deliver the prize today and then it's off to the salon for our drop off. Thanks everyone for voting and playing again this month. We love to shower our peeps with fun gifts and prizes. We'll be doing a special post on Stone Brewing soon and we're going to give away more beer for one of our lucky, local readers. Keep an eye out for it. Brenda, keep up the great work you're doing and good luck with your studies!

Thank you for being our prize sponsor!
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