Thursday, September 15

brian t.

Brian T. | Bartender/Manager
Years of Industry Service: 2 months
Brian somehow managed to work his way behind the bar with management responsibilities without any experience in the service industry. He was recommended for the job by a family member who already worked there, proof positive that it helps when you know someone. Brian enjoys the work atmosphere and says about his experience, "I think it's a thing that gets better with time." In addition to bartending, Brian is also a deejay, another career he got into by chance. Hired by his former baseball coach when he was in college, DJ Body Spray as he is known, has worked a wide variety of events, including wedding and bar mitzvahs. His deejay name is actually a nickname he picked up from his frat brothers in college.

Brian likes watching sports and is big on athletics. This summer he picked up tennis again. His previous attempt at the sport, Brian said "was one of the ugliest things you've ever seen." But playing with a buddy this summer, his game has vastly improved. He also likes to spend time on the other side of the bar in his free time. Although he's not a regular at any one bar, Brian ends up with friends at the Gran Falloon quite a bit. 

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