Thursday, September 8

jen d.

Jen D. | Manager
Years of Industry Service: 7
Jen, who is Swedish and German, has such long, beautiful eyelashes that you wonder if they are real. She says she gets asked that a lot and they are. She moved back to Kansas City from Chicago a month ago. She was in Chicago to find an amazing design job, but Jen's plans were curtailed when her dad passed away recently. For the almost two years she was in Chicago, Jen worked at an Italian restaurant. Since she was young, Jen has had a passion for design. "I would redo my Barbie house instead of play with Barbie," she said. Her design style is a mix of arts and crafts and eclectic. Her current favorite pieces are a pair of teal and orange swivel chairs from the 1960s. Jen was the assistant designer for the Extra Virgin space and was also part of the team who worked on redesigning the manufacturing space for Indigo Wild. She likes to ride bikes and has a big white dog that looks like Falkor's love child from The Neverending Story.

  Make KC Better » Cut out the hills (for an easier bike ride). 


Nadin said...

I live really close to Cupini's and have noticed their chalkboard sign has gotten more and more visually attractice - is that Jen's work? If so, way to go, Jen!

street urchin said...

gotta keep the hills, they put hair on your chest, errr, eyelashes.

Linh + Tina said...

Nadin, Jen is the standing next to her signage art. So I can give you a definite probably on that.

Street Urchin - I live in them thar hills and it's painful both ways....going up is hard, going down is scary! But love them all the same.