Wednesday, September 14

Bluestem Special

Kansas City, Missouri » Westport
It's been a long while since I've had the chance to visit Bluestem. Even though it's one of my favorite restaurants, I haven't stopped by since last summer. A whole year is a long time to be away from your favorite drink, don't you think? I have a friend who loves tomato water and Bluestem's martini as much as I do so we made a date for Happy Hour and ate and ate and drank and drank. It was all so very good. PLUS we had a super cute server. 

Our tools. We sat on the banquette by the window.

Gazpacho Martini, $10
Best. Drink. Ever.

Le Provence, $9
Lillet Blanc, Grey Goose Vodka, house-made
herb de Provence syrup, sparkling rosé.

Some Loud Thunder, $10
Pineapple-jalapeño infused vodka, Aberol,
agave nectar, bitters, egg white, cream.

Wagyu Beef Tartare, greens, 18-month parmesan, $12

Kobe Burger, cheese, crispy onions, frites, $14

Campo Lindo Fried Chicken, potato mash, greens, pan sauce, $14

Corn Panna Cotta, sweetened peach, honeythyme foam, 
cobbler crumble, peach nectar, cream, $9
These are regular lounge prices, but they do have special Happy Hour prices (T-R/5-7)
No HH drink pricing....not that we cared as we gleefully ordered one cocktail after another.
Special thanks to Lazer for taking my call and refreshing the old memory about drink
prices and descriptions. I was being a lazy blogger that day.

Photos by Linh Trieu