Tuesday, September 6

Tropical Fruit & Rice

Kansas City, Missouri » Crossroads
One of the things I grew up eating was steamed rice with fresh mango. No sauce, nothing, just chewy rice and sweet fruit, it was perfect. This lunch brought me back to those meals with my grandma. Gin, however, wasn't part of that meal, that's my grown up me, lushing it up first thing in the afternoon. Lulu's "new" space (it's been a while since they moved, but this was our first time in) was a wonderful mix of brightly-colored walls and tropical plants. The only thing I didn't like? The NO DURIAN sign painted at the front door. Whaaa?! I love durian.

--- {1} --- 
Cucumber Cooler, $5 HH price
Cucumber Gin, fresh cukes, lemon, splash of soda

 --- {2+3} --- 
Green Mango Salad with Blue Crab $7 HH price
Rice is extra, but no meal is complete with rice for me.
Fresh green mango julienned and topped with Blue Crab,
shallots, Thai chili, cashews, lime juice and cilantro.


Mai said...

What a travesty! No one gives durian enough credit. I love it in my pastries and ice creams.