Wednesday, September 21


Boomer | Server
Years of Industry Service: 20
Boomer lied to get his first serving job and it did not go well. At all. He worked at a now long-gone Italian restaurant in Topeka, Kansas and was waiting on a large group of speedway drivers, promoters and owners. With no experience, he said, "I had absolutely no business waiting on them." As he carried a tray of salads to the table, a cherry tomato committed suicide and jumped off onto the floor, unbenownst to poor Boomer, who stepped on and slipped on said tomato. The entire tray of salad came crashing down around him and thus started the worst experience of his entire life. "I literally crawled on my hands and knees from the table to the kitchen and cried for five minutes because I was so embarrassed," he said.

Twenty years later, Boomer is veteran of the industry. His best compliment came from a black couple who thanked him for not stereotyping them because of their race. Boomer doesn't care what his customers look like, jokingly saying, "if you got some money, give it to me." All joking aside, he said, "it made me feel nice because I was doing my job, doing it well and got recognized for it."

In addition to serving, Boomer also has a side business called Flowers by Pansies designing floral arrangements for weddings and other special events. Boomer said although they are just starting and business is a bit slow, it's still a great creative outlet.

Boomer has been in a 12-year relationship with his sweetheart Brian and they are still holding strong, "both fat and sassy." With three dogs and two cats, they have a full house in Waldo. Boomer does the cooking, but he sometimes has to make separate meals for their differing palates. He made a delicious swordfish with lime glaze and saffron risotto recently but his man is a steak and potatoes kind of guy. Now that he's older, Boomer keeps pretty low-key, doing housework, going to lunch with friends and playing trivia at Missy B's in his free time. "I don't do the club life," he says."I'm too old for that."

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