Tuesday, September 20

"small" and tasty

Kansas City, Missouri » Crossroads
Tina and I ended our day on the patio at Extra Virgin. It was a gorgeous but windy day so no cocktails, just hot coffee and cozy cardigans. The patio was full and we ran into an old friend, it made for a perfect afternoon. Their happy hour is fantastic. Select food items are half off and there are also drink specials. After the miserable weekend we just had, the sunshine this week is even more wonderful. So get yourselves away from your desks and go have some fun down at EV!

Chorizo & Fig Filled Chicken Thighs, $4.50 HH price

Huitlacoche & Cheese Empanadas, $4 HH price
Mozzarella and Aji Amarillo. FYI - Huitlacoche is a fungus that
grows on the top of ears of corn. We didn't know either. :)

Crispy Pig Ear Salad, $4 HH price
Spinach and Radishes.

Wood Fired Hanger Steak, $6.50 HH price
Fried Egg and Soffrito.