Tuesday, September 20

natalie h.

Natalie H. | Barista
Years of Industry Service: 4
When Natalie started working in a coffee shop, she thought it would be an easy second job. Making a pot of coffee is pretty basic, right? Wrong. She soon found out that there is an artistry to making a good cup of coffee and that she had a whole helluva lot to learn. Luckily, Natalie likes coffee and being a barista is now her full-time job. She recently gave up caffeine for six months, but is now back on "the juice."

When Natalie is not making coffee, she hangs out with her "fur friends." She has four dogs: two pit bulls, a Boston terrier and one loveable mutt. She recently fostered and found a home for a pup dog left in the middle of a busy part Broadway. Although she is not a big jock, she enjoys running and she loves watching soccer because "soccer is all about soccer." She's a big Sporting KC fan.

Some favorite restaurants that Natalie and her boyfriend frequent are down in the Columbus Park area, Pandolfi's Deli and Vietnam Cafe. She lives in Hyde Park on a block with a lot of young families.

  Make KC Better » I really think that this whole curfew things needs to be broken down to what it is. There is really a racial divide. These kids need somewhere to go and they deserve as good of a shot as anybody else


Coffee Girls Cafe said...

That's our girl! Natalie is a Barista with a capital 'B'. We are just so glad that she is back on the juice!