Tuesday, September 13

maggie s.

Maggie S. | Barista 
Years of Industry Service: 3
French-speaking Maggie is leaving the service industry and Kansas City any day now. She is packing her bags and moving across the world to be an au pair for a French family in Paris. (Go ahead, be jealous. I totally am.) She met the family through a friend, but French culture has been part of her life for a long time. Her family has hosted many exchange students and she started learning the language in middle school. In between high school and college, Maggie had the opportunity to live in France as an exchange student herself and says, "It's exciting to get to go back. My dad speaks decent French. It's one of those things that worked itself into the fabric of our family over time."

For a little while longer, Maggie lives in a house with four women so they spend a lot of time together at home. She is involved with her church community and likes gardening, cooking and baking. "I really enjoy baking," Maggie says. "It's something that clicks sentimentally for me, making pies and cinnamon rolls (which her mom taught her to make)."At work, she gets plenty of time to read and visit with her customers. A set of bright red ginger triplets stopped into the caf√© with mom to say their last goodbye to Maggie. They had cinnamon rolls.

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