Tuesday, September 27

chris & jo ellen

Chris & Jo Ellen | Servers
Years of Industry Service: Chris (8) / Jo Ellen (14)
You will be hard-pressed to find Chris and Jo Ellen apart. Married for eight years and working together for most of that time, they even spend their time off with one another. Set up by mutual friends, they met on a blind date. Each had asked to be introduced to someone and finally, one and one were matched perfectly in this adorable pair. They typically work the same schedules, splitting their time between two chefs, two cities in two states and ever-changing menus. "It's a nice change of scenery," Chris says while Jo Ellen remarks, "It's fun to work with two menus and two wine lists. It's always something new."

Chris and Jo Ellen work hard so they really enjoy their leisure time. They love to go out to eat and "abuse the wait staff." They're working on their house, enjoy cooking and love wine, which they like to study. And they travel as often as possible – don't be surprised, but mainly it's to eat...and drink wine. A recent trip took them to Dallas for Taste of the NFL, where Chris says there was a foot of snow. Next month, they are planning a trip to Santa Barbara and they for sure, have a reservation to eat at acclaimed French restaurant, Bouchon. They also love music and try to do a music cruise once a year. They said they might get a dog, but it was followed by a big "but".

They live a Jersey Shore kind of life. "Pool. Gym. Travel." I don't know about you guys, but I'm completely jealous. Work hard and play hard. Keep it up guys.
Chris and Jo Ellen were working at Starker's when we caught up with them.

  Make KC Better » Jo Ellen would like better public transportation while Chris wants to change the weather (too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter)