Friday, September 2

Friday Fun Day

Photos from the wedding albums of the Trieu family. When George and I got married, we displayed photographs of all the married people in our lives, who inspire us with their commitment to each other and to their families. I am very proud to say that (so far) we have not had a single divorce on the Trieu side of the family, and that's no easy feat these days.
We're changing Friday Fun Day to focus on photos only. Honestly, I was little bit crazy thinking we could fit a weekly art project in our schedules right now. In the end, we still had to photograph what we made. If you're still inspired to make something, then go for it! E-mail us and it's never too late to add to a post.

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Beth Ann said...

Ummmmm... where did you get that picture of us????? U.G.L.Y.!!!