Wednesday, September 28

jimmy s.

Jimmy S. | Manager
Years of Industry Service: 10+
Since Jimmy became a father twice over in the last few years, going to "local, hip bars" has become a thing of the past. Although most nights he goes home after work to be with his family, he still tries to visit old favorites like McCoy's, The Union, Record Bar, Harry's and the now defunct Gusto and Ledger. Jimmy says he has a "pimp record collection" and plays the trumpet and guitar. He was once in a band called 30 Minute Recess and they played "shitty music from the 90s."

A former Volker resident, Jimmy and his family now live in Roeland Park, Kansas. He loves Kansas City, especially Midtown and says, "I used to have a lot of awesome parties." Before he became a manager at The Classic Cup, he was a breakfast/lunch server. He admitted that during the transition he was a little green. And he's also learned that managers are at the restaurant a lot longer than servers.

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sara said...

he did have a lot of awesome parties.