Thursday, September 22

Peek Into 715

Lawrence, Kansas » Mass Street
This is just a really beautiful restaurant. From the metal chairs on the patio which were super stylish and comfortable to the naked light bulb fixtures in the dining room, there is a lot of attention to detail and style. Pots of fresh rosemary on the window sill and a basket filled with loaves of fresh bread at the open chef's window are two cues that there is thoughtfulness to what is being served. A wall of green water bottles separates the bar from the dining room and brings to mind the jugs of wine at Macaroni Grill, where I once hostessed, but done it in a much, much nicer way. I like how the repetition of design elements and clean lines draws you right into this long space. And the hidden bonus is their cellar kitchen downstairs. We sat on the patio and there is so much going on on Mass Street, it's constant entertainment. We did a restaurant snapshot of 715 a couple of months ago, and you can read it again here.


bellananda said...

i love everything about this restaurant!