Thursday, September 8

Peek Into Tower Tavern

Kansas City, Missouri » Martini Corner
This neighborhood sports bar, part of the Martini Corner family, is a regular hangout for many sports fans. Grant and Damian sponsor softball and kickball teams and mementos of their achievements are part of the decor. Damian says they like to keep it simple; for the most part, their decor consists of fun pieces from the beer and liquor companies.

All the shelving and metal work throughout the bar is the work of Aaron Ray. "He was a friend of a friend, who did a lot of different metal work before (custom motorcycles and other metal fabrications)," owner Damian King said. "We were not necessarily looking for metal, but we knew we wanted something unique and thought this fit the building well. It is certainly one of a kind."

Both the Red Bull Tower Tavern sign and Budweiser beer can mobile are promotional items provided by the companies. Vintage-looking, Pabst and Schlitz-branded lighting line the west wall of the bar with a shelf of retro beer cans above them. The beer collection belongs to a friend. "We thought the retro look of the cans helped enhance the history of the building," Damian said. "The building was built in 1900 and the old-style beer fan were a nice fit. We like to keep the walls fairly neat and clean, the cans were subtle enough but added some color and texture."