Wednesday, September 14

Nichole R.

Nichole R. | Dancer, Aerialist
Service Industry Detour
Before Nichole dangled from treetops and told stories through dance, she was in the service industry. For nine years, she was behind the bar, making drinks and working for tips. But the restaurant closed its doors and she found herself out of a job. Nichole says it was a blessing in disguise because it gave her the opportunity to pursue dance.

Nichole began dancing when she was two-years-old. Even though she tried to quit when she was five, she continued pursuing her passion in college. She says the dance program at the University of Missouri - Kansas City is really great. One of her professors encouraged her to pursue dance professionally. She said that sometimes you can't see what other people can see in you. So she has taken that advice to heart. "I'll go create my own positions, I approach people and ask if they can use an aerialist in their space," she says. Her goal with dance is to tell stories and connect with her audience emotionally. She will forgo tricks that make you gasp if she can pull at your heart strings instead. One of the best compliments she has ever received came from a marriage and family counselor who totally "got" the story and message behind her performance. She interpreted it exactly as Nichole meant it to be.

At six-feet-tall, Nichole can do a lot things other women can't do, like lift a male partner and being able to perform different kinds of dance. Introduced to Rachel McCeachin and aerial dancing by way of her chiropractor, Nichole is part of ensemble dance group Voler - Thieves of Flight. She makes her own apparatuses for acts and teaches as well as performs. See photos and videos of their art here.

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Suny said...

what a great introduction to Nicole,,,,,she is a great soul and a wonderful friend and person and a great performer, wish I could learn how to fly,,,,,,

TREY BRYAN said...

Nichole- the bomb! She's so great and really inspiring to be around!