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Terry R. | Owner
Service Industry Detour
Thirteen years ago, when Terry was going through breast cancer treatment, she underwent a stem cell transplant. She is survivor, but one of the side effects of the procedure left her with a memory short circuit.  Terry says she has great long-term memory, but her short-term memory from the last three to five years, everything runs together. "Sometimes I don't know if I've seen someone 10 years ago or this week," she said.

Before she opened Colfax, Terry had Revue, a boutique that for 17 years, was a go-to dress shop for 39th Street. It was further west on 39th Street in the row of shops across from where Donna's Dress Shop currently sits. After she closed the doors on Revue, she didn't think she would be back in the retail business. "I really didn't think I could top Revue,"she said. "I was fairly played out. I did everything I wanted to do. I was winding down. But apparently not." After buying their current building with the owners of Boomerang, Terry and her business partner are back with Colfax, named for the county in New Mexico which is also the longest street in Denver.

Terry is married to a psychologist, they have a great dog named Diablo, a Black Lab-Blue Heeler mix and together, they develop small properties. "Most of our tenants are independent," she says. "We're real pro-small business. It's a lot of fun seeing small businesses develop."

Take a peek inside Colfax. Our original post here.
Terry was happy to speak with us, but for the love of all that's decent, no pictures.
Tina snuck in a far away shot that I'm in too. That's my "deep listening" pose.

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