Friday, August 26

boom goes the dynamite

Kansas City, Missouri
Boomerang, a vintage (and new) clothing and housewares shop recently celebrated its two year anniversary at their new location on the corner of 39th Street and Pennsylvania. Previously and for many, many years, Boomerang was situated further west on 39th Street, kitty corner to Mr. Z's In and Out. Boomerang started out as a vintage housewares shop, but has grown to include vintage clothing and costumes, both for purchase and as rentals. They don't have the same foot traffic as they once enjoyed, but the space they're in now is much better. Big windows let in tons of natural light. The space is wide open so it seems bigger and nicer. The layout definitely works better for shopping. The owners of Boomerang and Colfax bought this corner property together and have created a wonderful vintage/handmade/boutique shopping haven on 39th Street, which also includes a bakery and hair salon. There was so much great stuff at Boomerang's that we wanted to buy: the tutu skirts, 1940s-era peep toe heels, vintage silk kimonos, a hunting cardigan and at least three pairs of cowboy boots were on my list. Everyone we talked to that day was super, super nice (including Amanda at Mash Handmade, Brenda at Chop Tops and Terry at Colfax). Stop by and visit them sometime. We have more posts about this great shopping area coming up. (I was a regular shopper at the old Boomerang's but this was my first visit since they moved! The owner of the shop said that was the case for a lot of people. So they've been drawing a different customer base. Isn't that weird? We are such creatures of habit!)


The Purple Carrot said...

Love those photos ... I think I need some cowboy boots now.