Tuesday, August 30

pick two

Kansas City, Missouri » Brookside
Tina and I sat on the patio and enjoyed a really nice lunch after a morning at the zoo a few weeks ago. The insane heat had just broken, and although it was still warm out, the shade and breeze outside were beautiful.  It was so nice, we decided that's it, we're done for the day. Why ruin a perfectly good meal with going back to work? Am I right? Julian has three lunch options: Pick 1, 2 or 3 ($9, 12, $14) items from their menu. Tina and I both opted for two and washed it all down with glorious ice water.

--- {1}---
Tina's Pick Two, $12
Julian Chicken Salad Sandwich grapes, celery and walnuts
In House Fries housemade zingy ketchup

--- {4+5} ---
Linh's Pick Two, $12
Pork Sandwich (not on the on-line menu at this time and oops, I forgot what was in it)
Macaroni & Cheese Boulevard Pale Ale cheese sauce, bacon