Friday, April 1

jarrod f.

Jarrod F. | Logistics Manager
Years of Industry Service: 8
Formerly a bartender who often worked late nights, Jarrod has had to make some adjustments now that he's on the retail side of the wine business. Especially his hours. He still gets to interact with customers but it's more casual and he gets to educate. If you can't tell by his head of shiny, brown curls and the big easy laugh on his face, Jarrod is one of the most loveable, friendly guys you will ever meet. Just ask his girlfriend of three years, Blair, a Glazer's liquor rep, who he loves, loves, loves. We tease him mercilessly about when he's getting married but he takes our taunting in stride and says, "Don't worry, you'll get an invite to the wedding." And then it's baby watch time.

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Anonymous said...

You so serious.

bhoz said...

Seriously,baby watch Linh??

Linh + Tina said...

"Someone" said you guys would be popping out babies as soon as you're married. I can't reveal my sources though.

Jarrod Finn said...

That "someone" is not an informed source!

Jan said...

Jarrod is a great source for wine information. He is also funny, charming and sweet!

Bk.j said...

You hippie!