Tuesday, April 19

jon g.

Jon G. | Bartender/Bar Manager
Years of Industry Service: 20
In twenty years, Jon has loyally worked for three restaurants: Free State Brewing Co. in Lawrence, Grand St. Cafe on the Plaza and The Westside Local. In an era where job loyalty can be a foreign concept, especially in the service industry, that kind of track record is impressive. Jon has two sisters, one brother and is the youngest of the family. He speaks about his neighborhood with great pride, "There is no other neighborhood like this." They are close-knit, they know their police officers, there are lots of gardens and unique homes and businesses are close at hand. Jon says the The West Side Local "is the restaurant you wish were in your neighborhood, and this is the neighborhood you wish was yours."

  Make KC Better » People should drink more beer at lunch. 
 But Kansas City is exactly how it's supposed to be. We are who we are. 


lesley lifting life said...

My household absolutely loves Westside Local!

And it's true, I really do wish Westside was in my neighborhood, and that neighborhood was mine! ;)