Monday, April 11

josh s.

Josh S. | Server/Bartender et al.
Years of Industry Service: 9
Josh's service industry career began as a cook at Pizza Shoppe. Now he's a daytime bartender/server at Californos, but he's not a strictly back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house person. His jobs are varied and he goes where he's needed, whether that's in the kitchen or at the table. Josh is also a drummer for Auternus, a structured, instrumental ambient rock band (not a jam band, although he gets asked that often). "Live music is such a challenge. Everyone wants to hear what's already been written, but musicians don't want to play that." With his long hair, tattoos and awesome grizzly beard, you'd think Josh was an outdoorsman. But you'd be very, very wrong. Josh says, "I like air conditioning and electricity. A LOT."

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