Wednesday, April 6

bryce b.

Bryce B. | Manager
Years of Industry Service: 3.5
Bryce is a rock climbing, guitar and banjo playing guy who likes being active and outdoors. He lived in New Mexico and likes the lifestyle which he wishes he could have here. Sorry Bryce, no can do. With our extreme and volatile weather patterns and flat landscape, it is indeed wishful thinking. While we spoke with Bryce, there is one thing we couldn't help noticing. He always had one eye on his coffee bar and more importantly, his customers. He launched out of his seat when he saw a cab come by for an older customer. Then, he quickly got up when he saw a regular stroll up and said, "I'll be right there to make your Americano." Always, he was half-turned and all the way tuned in to what was going on inside. As a customer, who wouldn't appreciate someone with that kind of laser-focused attention? Bryce exemplifies customer service at its finest.

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