Thursday, April 14

chris c.

Chris C. | Server/Bartender et al.
Years of Industry Service: 9
Chris was once part of the cubicle crew, but he only lasted a year. He hated it, likening the experience to being "stuck in a vacuum, time was really slow." After nine years, his tenure in the service industry is also soon coming to an end. Chris, married to Genessee Royale sous chef Blair, will be leaving to pursue his career in musical theater as an opera singer. In fact, he is leaving KC for three months this summer to be part of an opera company. Originally from Boston, Chris has grown to really like Kansas City. But if he could do one thing to make the city better, he would destroy the Power & Light District downtown. "Why would you go somewhere you've never been before to go to chains?" If anyone in city government can answer that for us, we're all ears.

  Make KC Better » Public Transportation. 
 The bus is fine but it's never going to have that city feel.