Tuesday, April 26

the road to justus

Smithville, Missouri
The Employee Lounge tagged along with Cellar Selections wine rep
George Vial* to Justus Drugstore last week where we once again ran into
Rich Zellich from Pinnacle. For those of you who don't know Rich, he is Pinnacle's
 main wine guy in Kansas City and he is everywhere. While we waited for the reps
to flog their products, we checked out downtown Smithville and captured
a few shots of the restaurant before they opened their doors.

--- {1} ---
View of the open kitchen where we spotted one of the most beautiful mustaches.
--- {2} ---
A simply gorgeous table. 
--- {3} ---
Jonathon was testing his chicharróns for the patio menu and
gave us a taste. Served with his own hot sauce made from home grown chilis
(some roasted, some smoked) and puréed with house made white wine.
--- {4} ---
Elixir of the Day made by bartender Derek C.
Small's Gin, Trenel Creme de Framboise, fresh lemon and lime juice,
soda, simple syrup and garnished with fresh thyme.
--- {5} ---
Black Tie Affront
Corrido Reposado tequila, smoked Anaheim pepper-infused Chambord
and Kahlua, lime juice, rimmed with Thai basil-black pepper salt.
--- {6} ---
Mushroom Soup
Three kinds of mushrooms, prepared in three different ways
around a center of pâté and a crostini with watercress and greens.
At the table, Derek poured the consommé to complete the dish.
It was really kind of incredible.
--- {7} ---
Fresh herbs planted around their patio.
--- {8} ---
A collection of infusions and elixirs.
The dry vermouth and cardamom in the third container over
was a work of art. All the ingredients settling and floating
reminded us of a beautiful ocean scape. 

*Full disclosure. George Vial is the husband of Linh Trieu.
We use him whenever possible to take us to fun places and meet interesting people.
But this is not an exclusive relationship. ANY wine or liquor rep may contact us.
Let's hang out.


Lynn said...

Can I hangout with you and Tina ??

tipsfortips said...

Chef Justus has been my restaurant hero for a while. I am glad you two made the drive

Anonymous said...

that mustache belongs to Dan W. that's one you should interview as well, just wait until he curls it, pretty amazing.