Monday, April 11

bronson k.

Bronson K. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 3
Bronson is a musician (keyboardist, piano player, singer) but he's also an excellent bartender who likes his job. "I wouldn't call this my career choice. It started as a way to make money but I really enjoy it. I don't really see it as work." Bronson is part of a surging cocktail culture in Kansas City, always learning, experimenting, and discussing the finer points of how to make the perfect drink. And he wants to share his appreciation of finely-crafted cocktails with his customers. "You don't have to get drunk on vodka and Red Bull. Anyway I can thrust the city in that direction, I will."

  Make KC Better » A good start would be getting bike lanes to make it easier for those of us who pedal ourselves everywhere in warmer months. 


Stephen said...

Bronson is a amazing bartender he puts together drinks that have complex flavor characteristics that are sure to impress any bar guest!