Thursday, April 14

blair c.

Blair C. | Sous Chef
Years of Industry Service: 12
Blair was once a server, went to pastry school in Switzerland and for the last nine years has been a chef. One driving principle of how she chooses to shape her career: she won't work for a chain. Previously at local brunch favorite You Say Tomato, which was more of grocery, Blair is now happily putting her fine dining training to proper use and working in a professional kitchen at Genessee Royale. She and husband Chris share a car and work together. With his departure imminent, Blair says that although it will be hard, "I'm happy for him." She says that as far as towns go, Kansas City is a great place, but they are flexible about where they live depending on where their careers take them.

  Make KC Better » Better public transportation or 
 if everyone wasn't so spread out, more centralized. 


Carlos said...

Woo Hoo, Blair! Great food at the Genessee Royale Bistro!