Wednesday, April 27


Thanks to our friend Lynn Klein who suggested that we let you guess the Kansas City
locale first, we're not telling where this is until Friday. But this one should be pretty
easy thanks to some iconic businesses on this street. Extra points for anyone
who can tell us about the The ACB'S, the band on this poster.
UPDATE: This is indeed 18th Street. Arts Incubator is one one side and
Volker Bicycles, YJ's, Peggy Nolan, spool and Birdies are on the opposite side.
Blair, for commenting correctly, you win a framed 5x7 print of Jarrod!


Blair said...

Ok so I'm only going to take a guess as to where it front of YJ's? Not too sure about that, but as for the ACB's they are an awesome local band made up of four or five Rockhurst High School grads. They have a facebook page that should be able to get you a link to hear any of their music whether it be from their new or older album. "Window's Up" is a great song!

Lynn said...

Is this in your hood Linh 39th street ??