Thursday, April 7

ryan s.

Ryan S. | Managing Partner
Years of Industry Service: 23
Married with children (with one on the way), Ryan says the service industry is "bittersweet" because a lot of his friends now own/run restaurants and bars, but he doesn't really get out anymore. At sixteen, Ryan started bussing tables. He has served, bartended, been a sales rep at a liquor distributor, managed a restaurant and now he owns and runs a specialty wine and liquor store in the Crossroads District where he tastes about 20 wines a day as part of his "job." Sign us up! Born on a Cinco de Mayo with an Irish first name, Ryan wants an authentic Italian name for his newest child, due any day now. Congrats to your family Ryan! You can read more about Ryan here or google him.

UPDATE: Ryan had a baby girl so now he's in a household surrounded by the ladies. Umm...good luck with that. 

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