Friday, April 15

agustin j.

Agustin J. | Owner
Years of Industry Service: 11
Agustin, a resident of the West Side for 29 years, said he went into then the Korean-owned market to sell product. Instead of buying product from Agustin, the owners ended up selling him the the business. This little corner market has been a West Side staple for over 60 years. Originally owned by Italians, then Koreans, and for the last 11 years, by Agustin (born in Guanajuato and raised in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico), Agustin says his shop which is also a restaurant has, "a little bit of everything."

Just in time for Easter, his "everything" includes a truck full of piñatas and handmade Easter eggs. Agustin had gorgeous bags of dyed eggs at his shop, filled with confetti and sealed with a bit of wax paper. He said the Easter tradition in Mexico was not to hide eggs, but rather to crack them over each other's heads. Confetti is the traditional filler, but if you make your own, you can fill it with sugar or flour. Stop by and pick up a piñata today for only $20 (usually $29.99). His are authentic Mexican piñatas made from bamboo instead of paperboard, and then covered in newspaper and decorated.

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