Tuesday, April 12

frank g.

Frank G. | President
Years of Industry Service: 5
Frank hails from Northeastern Pennsylvania where pierogies are a natural part of the food lexicon. But in Lawrence, where he went to college for a short time, no one knew what the heck those little dumplings of Polish origin were. Frank saw a business opportunity,"We try to make pieorogies fun and cool." Five years ago he started Pieroguys™ Pierogies with partner and friend Andrew Misak and today, Frank and Andrew's little dumpling company is the largest in the Midwest and growing quickly. They relocated from Lawrence to Kansas City two years ago and are now located in the City Market. Frank says he "works quite a bit" but in his free time, he likes to work out and travel.

  Make KC Better » I'd like to see more authentic food diversity. 


lesley lifting life said...

Just discovered this blog, and I'm loving it!

leiann said...

Saw this posted on your page bro!Awesome and great pictures! So proud of you and Happy early Anniversary week! <3/Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Really? You? That is hysterical! Clearly Drew didn't have a chance to vote!