Monday, April 25

joyce a.

Joyce A. | Wine Sales Rep
Years of Industry Service: 27
Joyce has manned almost every post in a restaurant except on the line. As she recounted her work history, however, it's hard to believe she didn't wield a sauté pan at some point in her illustrious career. She says that her time as a wine steward was the most fun and rewarding, but devoted wine stewards (who aren't also managers) are rare. "It's an expensive position." These days, Joyce is back on the streets as a wine rep and she says her job is mind blowing at times. The wine business can seem glamorous, but there's a lot of driving (for Joyce that's everywhere from St. Jo to Brookside) and a lot to learn about the various wine portfolios. Joyce also judges regional wine competitions like the Jefferson Cup Invitational with Doug Frost. 

Once a New Yorker, Joyce, who has lived in Weston, Missouri for the last 10 years, likes being out in "the middle of nowhere, but I'm only 30 minutes from downtown." She has a son, owns a bicycle she's trying to get out of her studio and is a potter with a lot of unfinished work. 

  Make KC Better » I would have some way to link neighborhoods 
 through public transportation. 


winedoofus said...

Joyce is a wine warrior of the highest order.