Monday, April 18

joanna s.

Joanna S. | Server
Years of Industry Service: 9
Joanna, who is studying to be a dentist, is a big fan of Asian pop culture. Her tattoo-covered right arm is is a mix of Japanese cartoon characters and modern Asian art. She likes make up, art, ice skating and has two cats. "But I'm not a crazy cat lady. I have a boyfriend too." Joanna's boyfriend is an insurance sales rep. Sometimes office and restaurant careers can be quite opposite, but because their incomes depend on generated sales (tips and commission) and neither work a regular 9-5 day, their jobs actually had a lot of similarities.

Like Chris at Genessee Royale, Joanna would also like to see the end of the Power & Light District. She shared a story about one customer who was making a pit stop at the Bulldog and Bazooka's before heading to P&L. He was boasting about being from out of town so she asked him where he was from. His answer: Olathe. As our laughter died down, she said, "It's like a Disneyland for idiots."

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