Wednesday, April 13

teri l.

Teri L. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 30
Teri is the kind of bartender you become friends with instantly because she always greets you with her infectious laughter. She makes everyone who slides up to her bar feel loved and welcomed. At sixteen, she worked for a mom and pop operation called Washington Street Station. There, she learned responsibility, developed a loyalty for independently-owned restaurants, and found a career in an industry that she excels in. Over the years, Teri has had her share of crazy partying stories, one of which included her birthday, a convertible and a trip to the emergency room. But after a recent scare, she has quit drinking. "Even though alcohol is part of this industry, I've slowed down and that's okay." Instead of picking up a cocktail, she is putting up her fists at Title Boxing to relieve stress. And if you need a dog sitter, call Teri!

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marylu glaviano said...

what a fun surprise to find Teri featured on your blog! Ive known her and worked with her off and on for more than 30 years. I can testify to her joyfully infectious laughter and the effortless ease with which she makes friends. Her resume features some of the best restaurants in kc's past. She's a natural at winning an instant following, still serving some of the same guests she first served in the early 80's! She is well known and respected in the industry, and every restaurant that has employeed her was better for it. Its unfortunate that you chose to focus on her "crazy party story" instead of her impressive and very successful career. sincerly, marylu

Linh + Tina said...

Hi Marylu, We love Teri so much and it sounds like you do too. It was not our intention to focus on a crazy party story as we have all had one at one time or another ourselves, but we think it's important to share Teri's viewpoint that it's okay to slow down on the partying lifestyle. The service industry has its pitfalls and we appreciate her honesty and openness. Thank you for your lovely comments about one of our personal favorite bartenders!