Friday, April 22

kelly ann

Kelly Ann | Partner
Service Industry Detour
As we previously mentioned in partner Amy's post, Kelly Ann bought spool in 2007. In addition to time at her own shop, Kelly Ann works for two other women-owned businesses: at Arizona Trading Company and hosting karaoke at The Brick every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Kelly Ann has an "awesome" four-year-old son named Kenny. She works next door to her best friend Peggy Noland. She likes the collaborative nature of the art community in Kansas City where people enthusiastically help each other.

Kelly Ann is no stranger to the restaurant life. She used to be a server and likens retail to the service industry. "If you're in the position to help someone pick out their lunch, it's kind of like helping someone pick out an outfit." She loves and misses the restaurant world. "You count on each other. You gotta work together to keep the boat afloat."

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