Tuesday, April 12

amy h.

Amy H. | Partner
Service Industry Detour
Amy bought into spool (open since 2007 by Kelly Ann Allen) late last year. Amy and Kelly, both mothers, split their time in the store and their buying duties, "combining their powers" to make one really good business. Amy is a vintage junkie, scouring estate sales for that side of the business while Kelly looks after the boutique side. Spool is flanked by independent, strong, women-owned businesses (Peggy Noland, Peregrine Honig), which Amy finds "really inspirational." Y.J's, a local coffeeshop and hangout lends to the conversation and community on their little street. Amy is a vocal proponent of investing in Kansas City for its growth. "You can make your neighborhood anything you want it to be. Get off your butt."

  Make KC Better » Reinvest in the community instead of fleeing 
 to neighborhoods you think are "safer." 


Jeanetta said...

One of my favorite neighborhoods in KC. Thanks for highlighting this gem.