Tuesday, April 26

ronnie g.

Ronnie G. | Maître 'd
Years of Industry Service: 4
Ronnie has a 12-year-old cat named Soy. "He's still as spunky as the day I got him." He is an only child and his family has lived in the same midtown house for over 70 years. For now, he lives down the street, but one day he will return to that house and continue his family's history there as well. After managing at more casual neighborhood favorite You Say Tomato for three years, Ronnie finds himself at the other end of the dining spectrum with fine dining Justus. Although the style of dining and kitchens are different, both restaurants share a common passion for the locally grown and "helping small local farmers stay in business."

This little blog post is not Ronnie's first brush with fame. He was also recently on Doug Frost's local food program Check Please where they reviewed Grünauer, Avalon Cafe and Nick & Jake's. Since the show is filmed in high def, Ronnie joked with the make up artist saying, "You're going to have to take this radio face and make it into an HD face." You can watch Ronnie's full episode here.

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David Hayden said...

I met Ronnie on my first pilgimage to Justus last night. No restaurant in town has a more consumate professional at the front door. If we stay in the industry long enough, we will all be working for this guy.