Tuesday, May 24

mark m.

Mark M. | Server/Host/Kitchen
Years of Industry Service: 35
A 12-year-old when he first stepped into the restaurant industry, Mark says he kind of grew up in restaurants. For the past ten years, he ran an organic gardening program for K-8th graders at USD 500, the only gardening program in Kansas. Unfortunately as with many programs at many schools, funding for the program fell through last year* so he started working at You Say Tomato little by little. At the four elementary and three middle schools, they harvested from the gardens and cook them in the classroom. "They got to have the whole food cycle," Mark says. "That's what I love about this place too. We cook everything homemade and use local products." 

Aside from gardening and restaurant work, Mark is also a theater person. He hosts a show on 90.1 FM (KKFI) called Midday Medley that is primarily a music program that supports and helps promote local artists and musicians. KKFI has been in Kansas City for 23 years and is almost totally driven by volunteers.
*They JUST got their funding!!! Congratulations Mark on getting your program back!

  Make KC Better » Light Rail. Trains from the Airport to Olathe. Organic gardens in every neighborhood, providing organic produce to all. Bike lanes. Safe sidewalks in every neighborhood, for kids to walk to school. After school programs for all students Pre-K through High School. Free tutoring for all students. More free clinics. More fresh food pantries, especially for at risk youth. A swimming pools for kids in the inner city. A real investment, by city leaders, in our most precious resource: our youth. More respect for artists who make our city beautiful.