Tuesday, June 21

natalie w.

Natalie W. | Barista
Years of Industry Service: 5
Natalie is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, her parents have come to Kansas City by way of Vancouver and Montreal and they visit family back home several times a year. "My parents both say eh all the time." Before Natalie got into the coffee business she was making smoothies at the Juice Stop close to her high school. "It was run by really fun people, friends stopped by all the time and my friends worked there too." 

Natalie is not one to sit around counting coffee beans in her spare time, she has three jobs in three different industries: food and service, skincare, and photography. Photography is something she does as part of her work, but it's also something she enjoys along with playing the piano and learning the guitar. Natalie recently shot her first wedding. She said it was a difficult and long day; she was the only photographer and had to run back and forth a lot trying to capture every moment for the bride and groom. "It turned out to be a beautiful shoot and a beautiful wedding." You can see more of her gorgeous work here.

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