Thursday, June 9

restaurant graphics: glacé

Kansas City, Missouri
Art Direction: Brent Anderson & Nathaniel Cooper
Design: Nathaniel Cooper
Copy: Brent Anderson
Stir heavily manipulated an existing font to create the logo. We love the round letterforms because they remind us of scoops of ice cream. Also very well done is how the accent aigu over the letter E is attached, incorporated into the logo instead of floating over the letter, as it is usually seen. The rest of the branding is in Gotham, using a variety of weights and adding a striped pattern to larger display text.

Like most clients watching their start-up budget, they didn't want to spend too much. Instead of printed bags or containers, they opted for stickers that could be applied as needed. Stickers and stamps are such a cost-effective, flexible and smart way to incorporate consistent branding when done correctly.

"Overall, the branding follows the clean, minimalist style Chris loves. We also wanted to make something that could make sense alongside Elbow Chocolates, yet was distinct. I should also add the language for the brand was intended to be a fun reminder amid all the clean sophistication that even with grown-up ice cream, it should be fun."
{Brent Anderson}

Stir recently received two Addy® awards for the branding of glacé.
Meanwhile, glacé was named as one of the top ice cream shops
in the United States by Food & Wine magazine.
You can and should go see the complete branding created for glacé and additional work by Stir on their website.
A big thank you to Brent Anderson at Stir for sharing all this great info with us.