Thursday, June 9

esther p.

Esther P. | Barista
Years of Industry Service: 6
Esther comes from a really big farm family. Of the ten children in Esther's family, the oldest is 26 and the youngest, 8. Her father, a feed farmer, primarily grows alfalfa, wheat and milo. Although she enjoys serving, her patience is limited to quick, friendly service from behind the coffee counter. Esther started her barista career at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop but gradually moved to smaller shops. Currently, she is at Hi Hat, quite possibly one of the smallest (and cutest) coffee shops in all of Kansas City. Esther said making coffee has been good part-time work while she finishes school. She was a former nursing major and has switched her focus to history. With one more year left, she says she would like to be a teacher. "I love children. Right now, I'm all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about it." 
Full disclosure: A customer came in and ordered a frozen coffee drink and we got samples!

  Make KC Better » I would give it a sea or a lake and make it on the water. 
 I'd give it a longer spring