Thursday, June 2

stacy n.

Stacy N. | Owner
Years of Industry Service: 2
Before Stacy got into the coffee business with her husband and business partner, Jeremy, she spent most of her career in retail. Now she's the owner of a cute, neighborhood coffee shop in Waldo with a staff she loves. "We have found excellent people. They allow us to have time with our kids. They're trustworthy. They get along with each other. We love our staff." Being the boss isn't easy and she's learned "you have to be like water. You have to be ready to flow, just like with kids."

A Kansas City Art Institute graduate and fiber artist, Stacy now mainly works on mixed media drawings and photography in her limited free time. She also likes reading, gardening and cooking, but with two kids and her shop, what she really wants to do with her free time is nothing. Despite the crazy busy life, Stacy is thankful that people have embraced One More Cup. "We love Kansas City and this is our love letter to it."
Stacy was photographed in her booth at the Waldo's Farmer Market.

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