Wednesday, June 8

May Employee of the Month

Place your votes! These are the top four most viewed posts for the month of May.*
The poll is to your right and will be open for one week. The winner will be receiving
a special prize from The Employee Lounge: two vintage highball glasses.
Prize photos coming soon.

This month we have Service Industry Detours vs. Service Industry.
Who will take home the glory?

Britton K. » Volker Bicycles
Donna F. » Donna's Dress Shop
Marcia C. » Shabby Hattie's Tea Room & Boutique
Ronnie G. » Justus Drugstore
*April 25 - May 27


Keeball said...

I voted for Marcia because she is very nice and has a wonderful Tea Shop. K.H.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Marcia because she is smart and unique in everything she does. Her Tea Shop ideas do not just come from her ideas, but her heart as well.